Revision Upper

Eye revision is caused by various factors such as uneven eyelid after surgery or too much sunken eye, but all can be solved only eye problems as following:

  • Uneven eyelids
  • Too much sunken eye
  • Too high eyelid
  • Unsweet eyelid
  • Unable to closing eye
  • Falling off eyelid

Double eyelid revision is totally different from nose revision because it cannot be operated many times or if that is possible, your eyes will turn unnatural rather than beautiful. The double eyelid technique includes just two essential points: “eyelid fat” and “eye muscle”. If your eyelid fat is all removed in earlier, your new double eyelid cannot be operated as fuller or natural. The removed fat will cause the sunken eye and looking-older than your age. These can be solved by using Lipofilling technique or waiting until your body can develop the new fat, taking time not less than 5-10 years. Creasing fat on upper eyelid is actual perilous and so risky. Surgeon must be really expert on this operation together with double eyelid surgery or separately.

The key function of eye muscle is to lift eyelid getting single or double, by performing the natural lid opening and closing system. Abnormal eye muscle is the main reason causing your double eyelid unevenly or unable to open eye fully in some case or unable to open wide since the inborn, known as Ptosis Eye or Drooping Eyelid. On behalf of Cosmetic Surgery, we can provide you the Uneven Eyelid or drooping eyelid technique by repairing eyelid or eye muscle.

Hence, the problem of uneven eye after double eye surgery can be solved by renewing the eyelid shape and revising eye muscle or using Fat Repositioning technique, where can get solved many times. However, in some case that patient’s eye muscle is removed during surgery, they have realized that the next surgeon cannot even revise this eyelid again.

This indicated that before getting double eyelid surgery, you should know more about details and surgical information of each surgeon. Once your “fat and eye muscle” are removed, you have just less chance to revise these problems to get better or look usual. Sometimes, you don’t need to fly to South Korea to confirm the information or look for the right surgeon, who is full of experiences and comprehend the patient needs. Since the above method can help you save your time and budget, and also don’t need to worry in terms of result follow-up by our clinic or the ensure in case that any mistake may occur later.

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