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Dr. Alex Aesthetic Clinic

Experienced & Certified Team

The medical team and the clinic team are internationally certified. Dr. Alex or Dr. Anek Sony is a member of the Fellowship of Thailand Association of Plastic Surgery. He has guaranteed in both qualifications and all capability, including experience in cosmetic surgery. Our clinic continuously strives to overcome the limits of beauty through the creation of facial and body beauty for more than 10 years

Standard Operation Room & Equipment

Aseptic operating room with German technology completed with modern tools and equipment that pass international certificate

Patient Oriented & Valued

The clinic does not have a force sell system or an open course sell system because we have a team to advise and team with knowledge about beauty and plastic surgery that is the key to solve problems directly to the customers. Our clinic ready to give advice and recommend exact solutions to patients.

Reasonable Price

Good quality always comes first. The price that we determined is a price that is suitable for the quality and long-term safety that the customer should receive. There are no additional expenses for the patient after receiving services or other hidden costs. This price includes the supervision of the doctor and the team, which is not expensive when compared to the general rate of each operative.

Luxury Patient Service

Satisfied and expected results do not depend on the skills of doctors because 30% depending on the patient’s self-care. The patent should strictly follow the advice of the doctor after receiving essential services. We believe that the care and after service is a matter that should not be neglected to the customers. Therefore, Dr. Alex Clinic is also interested in the service after doing surgery or other services which is the heart of service at our clinic

Excellent Location

About Dr. Alex Aesthetic Clinic

Dr. Alex Aesthetic Clinic is an aesthetic surgery clinic that has a reputation and standard in the plastic surgery industry for over 10 years. The celebrities are well known. They are very much talked about because Dr. Alex has spent his past work in famous aesthetic surgery clinics in Bangkok until he had the opportunity to open the clinic in Doctor Alex’s hometown (Chiang Mai). The doctor’s attitude is focused on quality under the concept of “Quality is our Best Priority” with the principle of “A Quality You can Trust”

Dr. Alex Aesthetic Clinic has launched an aesthetic surgery clinic in Chiang Mai province recently. Initially, the first branch in Bangkok, about ten years and later expanding in Chiang Mai, with Dr. Anek Sony, which is a doctor, executive, and managing director of the clinic.

Doctor Alex. An aesthetic surgery doctor who devoted most of his work and time to creating facial art and the patient’s body through the blade and needle. A doctor’s ideal, anything that requires a knife, must be used, but use requires art and knowledge. Otherwise, the work will be disastrous.

Dr. Alex has a Doctor of Medicine from Chiang Mai University. He has accumulated working experience from leading clinics and other hospitals both in Thailand and abroad. After that, he had the opportunity to study in Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine MS from Mae Fah Luang University.

Until he was receiving the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, after that, the doctor is going to study at Regenerative Medicine in Arizona, USA. Until returning to Thailand. Dr. Alex brings the perfect combination of the science of solving problems by methods of In Side Out and Out Side In to apply. Moreover, Dr.Alex has the opportunity to study aesthetic surgery in many countries such as the USA, Germany, England, Italy and also study complicated surgery such as endoscopic surgery, using Laser (Israel) in surgery to achieve a unique working style.

Creating beauty on the face and body. The important thing is “Patient satisfaction not only the satisfaction of the doctor.”

The experience was the beginning of the Dr. ALEX Aesthetic and Regenerator Clinic for Chiang Mai people. Whether celebrity, net Idol, model, and Thai and foreign customers all over the country who trust to look after.

Dr. Alex Aesthetic Clinic is located on Tha pae Road in the center of Chiang Mai. In the future, Dr. Alex has the concept and vision to develop the beauty business to become the first and certified with high standards surgery hospital in the north.

Dr. Anek Sony


Get to Know Your Doctor

Dr. Anek Sony also known as DR. Alex with a Doctor of Medicine degree from Chiang Mai University.


These are part of the certification and certificate of knowledge and competence of Dr. Alex from both Thailand and abroad but still not able to create as much credibility as the work and impression from customers for over 15 years. DR. ALEX CLINIC has never stopped intention to create a beauty center clinic like a patient’s family. We will create a new beauty center that serves with heart and care as a family.

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