Nose Tip Correction

Nose tip correction

Nose Tip Correction is suitable for those who want to change the shape of the nose to Implants shaped or a nose with a tending tip. It makes a face look attractive. The nose tip should be done in conjunction with the nose augmentation to get a beautiful nose shape that suitable with the face shape. Problem-solving of nose shape. Most patients usually have the following issues.

Fixing the tip of the big nose

Big nose tip correction must use the Open Rhinoplasty technique, also known as open surgery. The surgery is cut out of the thick tissue and cartilage (Soft Tissue) partially while adjusting the tip of the nose to reduce the structure of the nose that deforms to become stronger. Then, sew the rest together.

Polly beak Deformity

Polly beak deformity can be fixed by adding silicone and joining the cartilage behind the ear and techniques for extending the tip of a Septum Extension. Septum Extension is the extension of the nose by using cartilage from the nasal septum and ear cartilage to increase the length of the nose. This method will make the shape of the nose that flicks up beautifully.

Nose tip correction by using ear cartilage

It appropriate to the patient that has a skinny nose and cannot use silicone to increase the tip of the nose because of the risk of perforation, which is like installing a bumper car. It reduces the tension of the silicone in the long term, as well. Therefore, nose augmentation with ear cartilage will give a beautiful nose shape and a rounded tip.