Nasal Tip Reduction

Nasal Tip Reduction

Nose augmentation is a surgery that helps the face look attractive because the nose is the organ in the middle of the face, which is an essential part of the face. It is a necessary part of the face, not less than to other areas. Reducing the large and wide nose to the face is important. Nose size can reduce by the following techniques.

1. Large nose tip reduction can solve by using the Open Rhinoplasty technique, also known as open surgery. This technique will cut part of the nose and cartilage (Soft Tissue), while also reducing the tip of the nose to fix the deformed nose to be stronger.

2. Width of nose tip reduction can solve by the Alar Reduction blepharoplasty technique. It will remove excess nose tissue which the doctor will collect the wound roll inward in order not to see the wound clearly and get a natural nose

3. Width of nose base reduction mostly occurs in large and wide facial bone structure. It is making the nose look big, and the bridge of the nose not visible. For example, some cases that view from the side of the nose bridge are prominent and beautiful, but when looking at the front does not see the nose bridge at all. Therefore hammering the base will make the nose bridge look slender, more beautiful, more dimensions, and not bulky.