Nasal Bone Correction

In case if your nasal bridge structure is looking curved or waved or not smooth and then get Rhinoplasty by implant, it will show you an in-sloped shape and also hard to get a Barbie shape. Providing that you haven’t get the Nasal Bone Correction on nasal bridge before the new Rhinoplasty, its shape will result solid and straight. Your face will look fierce and your nasal bridge will be so big. When implant is placed into nasal bridge inappropriately, it’s possible to get unsmooth or the upper implant between eyebrow is not possibly clung or likely moves in the future.

There are several techniques of Nasal Bone Correction. In case that the bone is high curved or curved out of lateral than usual, this should get Hump Removal technique instead. This mostly utilizes on half-caste or European patients. They most sharpen at the upper or lateral nasal bridge as figure. On the technique, surgeon will consider how much it should be sharpened to not result your nose distorted or unnatural. It must not remove out too much to look a small or narrow nose. This points that Nasal Bone Correction is such an art, which is designed to be fit with implant for shaping a widen bridge and proper slope.