Mid to Lower Lift

The mid face refers to the span of age. Each age, of course, is different just depended on their mid face. People will focus on this point whichever young or old because mid face is around the lower eyelid until nasal tip and mouth corner.

The heavy problem on the mid face is causing by aging. The overall tissue skin, fat, and muscle on this spot will gradually move lower, affecting facial changes to look unconfident. Whenever your face is flabby or cheekbone, or your lower eyelid gets under-eye bags and scar pitting, these problems will show the dark circle over your eye, which its deep wrinkles occur on the nasolabial and mouth corner.

For Lower Facelift, Dr. will work with Mid Facelift technique to show the facial profile clearly and lift the flabby part to look firmer and rejuvenated in a few hours.

The previous Neck Lift was called “SMAS Technique”, which is an original technique to lift the facial directly under its subcutaneous. SMAS is skin muscle layers with the transparent subcutaneous tissue. This technique includes disadvantage: limitation. If your face is lifted too much deep, it will get risk on the bad wound recover.

The Deep Plane Face Lift allows surgeons to operate into the main particular part, for example, the nasal part or mouth corner. When it compares to the original technique, the lifted skin layer is the tissue over SMAS layer. Deep Plain technique will operate at the muscle layer under SMAS, which helps you to lift and access close to particular areas in the middle face: from lower eyelid until lateral nose over lip as figure. This deteriorate fat part is the most significant point to result your face looking aging which such original technique couldn’t approach into this part. The Face Lift technique in the deeper layer can get closer into the fat layer to aim in terms of firmness and turning as rejuvenated.

To get the surgical result as requirement isn’t depended only on a patient, but also caring dual before and after surgeries.

Preparation care before Neck Lift surgery

  1. Stop taking the NSAID as Aspirin, cigarette, some supplementary food and herb caused Blood Coagulation: garlic or fish oil at least 2 weeks before surgery
  2. Shampoo in the morning before operation to prevent infection
  3. For patient with hypertension is needed to control their blood pressure as usual within 2 weeks before surgery.
  4. Stop smoking within 1-2 weeks before surgery
  5. Be ready to stop working for 7-10 days for full facial lift and 5-7 days for some part
  6. Should bring your friend on the surgery day

Face Lift technique currently has developed so far and highly safe, and can perform based on your skin type. By removing the flabby part and repairing, it would be better if you consider more about rightness and the long-term effect. You can explain your needs to the surgeon in detail before decision. So that, the surgical place and surgeon are the main procedure of patient’s choice.

Postoperative care after surgery

  1. Use the cold pack in the first 48 hours and sleep by raising your head up high
  2. Might be swelling after surgery, but it would be fine within 7-10 days
  3. Come to follow up and stitch the silk off as Dr.’s appointment
  4. Should wear the facial bandage every day, especially at night in the first three months