Lower Blepharoplasty


The Lower Blepharoplasty will help you solved the Sagging Eye problem or under dark eye circle. Amount Asians, this problem mostly occurs due to their heredity or heavy daily activity or ages. While in European, the dark circle occurs normally which is the only problem they will do for surgery. In some case, however, you don’t need to get Lower Blepharoplasty technique because these dark circle problems can be easily solved with a laser treatment to lift up or Fraxel Repair technique.

The Lower Blepharoplasty process can operate by fat remover to the lower eyelid and stitching the skin tightly on the lower eyelash. In some case may be used a tightening laser treatment after fat removing. The most importance thing and precaution of how to choose the professional doctor on Lower Blepharoplasty are abilities of prediction for the fat content removing, accuracy on how to stitch the skin tightly or not too lower or skills to avoid the main nerve caused that lower eyelid not moving. When it’s removed too much fat, it can cause your eye to become the sunken eye instead of fuller or tighten over time. Nevertheless, if doctor is not professional on stitching, it may take a year for recovery since when your eye is not closing, it will cause your lower eyelid wound to look gaping.

During the first 1-3 months after surgery, it will appear the red point at the lower eyelid where our clinic greatly to service you the laser treatment included all charges or if not, these red points will gradually recover itself within 1-2 years. The Lower Blepharoplasty better use silk rather than Chromic Catgut because the Chromic Catgut risks in scar after melting and cause your wound to slowly recover. In clinic, we use the small Japanese silk or less than millimeter which needs to get microscope for stitching instead of eye uses. Its advantage is not causing the keloid, appears with beautiful wound, and also get fast recover. After silk removing, you cannot see that you have done surgery before.

How to know that you are going to choose Lower Blepharoplasty or get only a laser treatment?

            We recommend you to come or have counselling with our doctor for decision. In some case of only dark circle or not too much fat to remove, our doctor will suggest how to get a laser treatment or filler to fill tiny hole and use the lifting technique to tight more the sagging. This technique doesn’t take too much time recovery and also immediately result as well as look more natural. The filler for lower eyelid injection consists of various types: choosing the filler included the smallest molecule and less density as Restylane Vital Light which designed particularly for using on many blood vessels, fragile spot or only lower eyelid. One more choice is fat grafting that has included already in the body. Its advantage is resulting more natural texture and less risky on hyperlipidemia that may cause you blind.

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