Implant Removal

Implant Removal

Patients who want to remove most silicone often caused by incorrect errors before whether it is a wrong technique or silicone placed in the wrong layer of skin. Silicone is not standard or is not an Implant Grade that cannot implant in the body. Inflammation in the nose area, the symptoms at the tip of the nose are clear red like the silicone will penetrate. In most cases, it caused by too large silicone and prominent nose augmentation, which causes the skin not to be able to bear, therefore causing dermatitis.

Silicone is deformed and tilted, often due to incorrect surgery. The doctor does not have the expertise, therefore making the silicone laying in the wrong layer or not putting tightly enough. It causes the body to resist foreign objects, which make silicone move from the original position to another position. It can correct by removing the old silicone and then performing a new silicone surgery.

Silicone is suitable for nose implant and can be implanted in the body which safe in the long term. It will be a group of Silicone in Implant Grade. At present, there are approximately three grades of silicone, which is

Food Grade, such as cooking molds, baby teats, baby bottles

Medical Grade, such as syringes, catheters used in various hospitals.

Implant Grade, such as silicone group used to make prosthesis, and this grade silicone is suitable for nose augmentation and is safer than other grades.

Thin skin will make the silicone bar is not neutral, which is caused by the texture of the nose or more aging. It is causing the skin thin. The doctor will correct by reducing the silicone size to be smaller.

Before deciding nose surgery, you should study more information and consult a doctor before doing it.