Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift is another technique choice for patients who require to lift their skin in particular part. This technique is very suit for patient with the flabby line in forehead, outer corner of eye ptosis, and the sagging eyebrow skin, causing their eye visibility, stresses, and Myasthenia Gravis. When you start more aging, the facial flabby problem is so more obvious.

The Forehead Lift includes as following procedures:

  1. Anesthetic injection
  2. Use Scalpel to crease behind hair line along to subcutaneous skin and muscle until forehead
  3. Remove some subcutaneous muscle out to decrease the muscle system work to not result the wrinkle
  4. Lift the skin firmer, remove the excess skin and stitch it
  5. Not showing the wound after surgery since it is hidden on the upper forehead as hairband line

SMAS Technique is an old technique, to pulling the subcutaneous face directly. SMAS is skin muscle layers with the transparent subcutaneous tissue. This technique includes disadvantage so as limit lifting. If your skin is lifted too deep, it will increase risky on the negative wound recover.

Deep Plane Face Lift technique allows surgeons to operate into the main particular part, for example, the nasal part or mouth corner. If comparing to the original technique, the lifted skin layer is the tissue over SMAS layer. Deep Plain technique will operate at the muscle layer under SMAS, which is able to pull and access close to particular areas in the middle face: from lower eyelid until lateral nose over lip (See the triangle point in figure). The deteriorate fat on this part is such the most significant point to show your face looking aging which such original technique couldn’t be able to access into this part. The Face Lift technique with the deeper layer can approach closer into the fat layer to lift concerning to firmness and turning to adolescence.

To get the surgical result as needs isn’t based only on patients, but also the preparation care both before and after surgeries.

Preparation care before Forehead Lift surgery

  1. Stop taking the NSAID as Aspirin, cigarette, some supplementary food and herb caused Blood Coagulation: garlic or fish oil at least 2 weeks before surgery
  2. Shampoo in the morning before operation to prevent infection
  3. For patient with hypertension is needed to control their blood pressure as usual within 2 weeks before surgery.
  4. Stop smoking within 1-2 weeks before surgery
  5. Be ready to stop working for 7-10 days for full facial lift and 5-7 days for some facial part
  6. Should bring your friend on the surgery day

Face Lift technique currently goes improved so far and highly safe. It can perform according to your skin type. To remove the flabby part and facial repairing is to consider more about rightness and the long-term side effects. You can explain your needs to the surgeon in detail before deciding. The surgical clinic and surgeon, so, are the main step for patient’s choice.

Postoperative care after Forehead Lift surgery

  1. Sleep by raising you head up high for a week to reduce the swelling
  2. Stop all exercise activities that affect your wound for 2 weeks and keep your wound dry for 2-3 days
  3. Softly shampoo for 2-3 days after surgery