Facial Fat Grating

What is BABY Face ™?

BABY Face ™ is the name given to the technique of adding fat on the face to make a face look young instead of other fillers. The method is called Fat Grafting or Micro Autologous Fat Transfer. It will bring fat from ourselves, such as from the abdomen, thighs, or hips to spin and extract pure and have the energy (Adipose Stem cell ™). Then, injected back into the body where we needed to fluffiness. It will create a firmness, lifting and rejuvenating.

BABY Face™

Revitalize the skin, making the skin get younger, bright, create a firmness, rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles, cheek grooves, tighten, shape the face, and add brow forehead.

“BABY Face ™” stands for Before Aging to Begin the Younger Face. Dr. Alex Clinic uses technology and a technique called Blood Stem Cell. Fat Grafting is the fat extracted by this technique. Fat is purity and have the energy (Adipose Stem cell ™) or can be used instead of Stem Cell to help rejuvenate.

What is Adipose Stem cell?

Adipose Stem cell (ASCs) is Adipose Tissue, which is available in 2 types, Brown and White. The fat contains only White Adipose Tissue. White tissue is more abundant than the Brown Adipose Stem cell, in which White Adipose Tissue has a yellow color or ivory color.


The function of White Adipose Stem cell is to store excess energy from the body. If we have White Adipose Tissue attached to fat, it means we have energy sources that will stimulate and maintain the condition of fat.

But to extract the White Adipose Tissue is very difficult if the equipment and medical devices are not suitable. The extraction of fat with Adipose Stem cell (ASCs) must be a Lipoaspiration technique. This type of liposuction is the only way to maintain the condition of fat cells and not destroy the tissue of the White Adipose Stem cell.

Fat Grafting to make a face look beautiful, fat must have a resolution that makes contact is smooth, not a lump of fat molecules and must be tight enough to lift. It will help to prevent long-term sagging fat problems. The fat that is viscous and dense is obtaining from the selection of stable fat cells. In the spinning process, we must spin the exact number of turns to make the viscous fat like Fatgel ™ (invented by Dr. Alex). The density of the fat molecule that is viscous enough. It will help injected fat to lift and tighten the sagging and still be a long-lasting fat. So the quality of the fat blender is quite essential.

What types of fat blenders can get pure fat cells?

It must be a 4-head fat blender and have a rotation rate of 1 second per cycle. It will make fat, and plasma can be separated 100% at this stage. If the separation of fat layers is not 100%, the fat that injects will mix with plasma, which will make fat not pure enough or vicious enough to set, and the face shape will work in the short term. The outstanding side effect that will cause sagging and breakdown rate of fat is high. This issue is the reason why most fat injections have to re-inject to replace the fat that breakdown. If the blender has not good quality, spinning too hard and spinning too many rounds, it can destroy pure fat cells with energy.

Where can liposuction be used?

The fat that is used mainly from the abdominal area, thighs, or hips, which is an area that has many fats accumulated n skinny patients. The doctor can liposuction because most of the fat that uses is fat that is already naturally in the human body; it’s not just fat that accumulates from food.

Liposuction to have little bruised or no bruised. It must have medical equipment to help. Bruising usually occurs in the area of ​​suction and re-injection. Therefore, injecting fatback is essential to Dr. Alex Clinic. Doctors use a Fat Injection Gun that can convert fat molecules into smaller sizes like Nano Fat, which is smaller than Micro and Macro Fat.

How is Nano Fat good?

If the fat molecules are very small, such as Nano Fat, which is smaller than Micro and Macro, it can fill in sensitive parts such as deep eye fat injection, chin fat injection, filling fat on crow’s feet, filling fat on the cheeks, filling fat to the forehead, and filling fat to the mastoid. The lipid molecules that are drawn out must be separated into a layer of plasma by the fat blender. Then, take pure fat to be blended again according to the number of cycles to obtain viscous fat (Fatgel™). The injection procedure is an essential step to convert fat molecules into tiny (Nano) by Fat injection gun. It is very different from general fat injection equipment.

What devices are used to inject fat and distribute molecules appropriately?

Most devices used to inject fillers, such as filler, use Syringe. It uses blunt tip needles inject to distributing fat into the desired area. If the desire to get fat like the primary fat cells before injection, we need to adjust the molecular size to a tiny droplet. It will reduce the chance of coagulation and help the survival rate of the fat higher than the direct injection from the general syringe. The higher the survival rate, it will make the fat full, sets the body, and can live longer without need re-injection need. It can also reduce bruising, bleeding, swelling, and infection. Dr. Alex Clinic always chooses high-quality equipment. Dr.Alex is the first place that chooses and tested by patients that the Fat Injection Gun is suitable for fat re-injection into a face in Overall Use. This fat injection by use Fat Injection Gun will make a face not look like plastic.

The fat filling can be added at every point. It can fix all problems, even add fat to the nose tip that is a perforation. Fillers or natural imitations like HA (Hyaluronic Acid) do not always answer all of the issues on the face. If used in large quantities, the face will look plastic and unnatural.

Fat injection to look beautiful depends on the face design. The ideal face shape is the Heart Shape face, which is the face pattern of many ‘women’s dreams.

Another important thing not less than adding fat that is keeping fat last long. The fat that through a healing process to make fat live longer is the beginning of the addition of fat on the face. However, fat treatment depends on the patient’s care, as well. At Dr. Alex Clinic, we have a procedure to maintain fat. We are inventing a technique, which is Vampire Lift or Blood Stem cell injections, to stimulate and replenish fat cells.

What is Vampire Lift ™?

Vampire Lift or PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is a technology that takes the patient’s blood to spin and separated by an advanced biotechnology process. It extracts only the primary cell (Stem Cells or Growth Factor) already present in the blood Injected into the desired point to stimulate the creation of new skin cells.


If used with patients who add fat, it will help the fat that has to inject are setting. It stimulates fat cells that begin to atrophy and deteriorates to become full again. Also, helping the fat to spread more tightly and smooth with the skin. It is a result of the growth factor that is an extract from our blood. Fat can survive for a long time, but it needs blood to nourish. Vampire Lift injections will help the fat stick and full immediately after the process. It can use in cases where fat is inject or not inject.

Vampire Lift injection working principle is similar to Meso injection and filler injection. Vampire Lift injection provides the firmness of collagen filling under the skin similar to the filler injection. It gives the clarity resulting from the creation of new skin cells better than Meso, which is the solution for those who want to make their face clear. If not wish to inject filler and do not see the effect with Meso injections for a long time, Vampire Lift is an intermediary between Meso and filler injections.

General Meso injections are to dip the skin on the outside only. Meso will not go deep into the skin layers that can create new skin cells. Vampire Lift is injecting the Growth Factor down to the deep layers of the inner skin, which is the same layer that we injected the fillers. It will help to replenish and stimulate collagen production, as well. Vampire Lift is trendy among celebrity and model because PRP is safe, not take long, no need to recuperate, see results immediately, and stay longer.

Vampire Lift or PRP helps to solve the problem of people with dark/red spots from acne or dark spots.

Keep the skin moist. Pores become firmer, smoother, tighter, and bright with flushed skin.

The overall skin will look full and younger caused by collagen or Growth Factor that is directly injected.


The disadvantages of using your fat are very low. It begins to become popular in the new generation, but what are the disadvantages and limitations? Injection own fat is dangerous or not?


The use of fat cells that are not pure enough fat cells will cause the fat injected back into the body are coagulated and break down quite quickly. It also stimulates the production of the fascia at the injection area as well. If the spinning, extraction, and injection procedures are not sterile, there is a higher risk of infection. It will be purulent and more difficult to treat than conventional filler injections. Therefore, the factors that will make a face full and firm are the effectiveness of the fat blender and other equipment that used to inject fat back into the skin.