Breast Augmentation

This technique will create many girls the confidence: girl and transgender. You don’t need to worry about how to dress, but if you want to have Breast Augmentation, you should know more about its information whether which technique is better or how to choose silicone to be safer.

Before getting Breast Augmentation, you must comprehend your body and breast shape well. The majority of girl’s breast composes of 6 shapes; thus, you need to choose implant types and shapes properly with your beast as following:

  1. Cherry: quite flat shape and unclear base, the breast muscle is less sharpened
  2. Lemon: widen base shape, the breast is less sharpened
  3. Green Apple: half circle shape and the breast muscle is mush sharpened
  4. Apple: small base shape, breast muscle is much sharpened and emerging over to look so big
  5. Strawberry: flabby shape, breast muscle is much, but less chest
  6. Pear: flabby shape, none chest muscle, will be on the breast base because lack of care or heredity

Hence, you need to know and consider more about your breast to be able to decide which implant, texture, or shape is proper with you to get a better result as your needs.

Breast Implant Textures

The implant includes 2 types: Smooth and texture implants and have the differences as following:

  1. Smooth Implant: it’s a smooth implant and mostly clear to be able to see the internal Cohesive Gel. Its advantage is when patients require to get a big breast, this kind of implant can make easier to insert, causing the operation time becomes shorter and the wound area looks less swelling. For disadvantage is when implant surface is too smooth, it causes easier for fascia or the tissue to get covered by foreign body around implant. These problems will affect the breast skin to look unnatural or risky to get the breast lump. It would also happen when patients massage their breast irregularly or incorrect way.

  2. Texture Implant: this type is so rough like small sand, and looks turbid to be unable to see the internal Cohesive Gel. Its disadvantage is when using the rough texture, there will be viscosity and unsmooths occur during implant insertion, causing the operation period becomes longer and costed higher than the first technique. For the advantage is the Texture Implant as the sand will reduce and retard more the fascia effect that might tightens around breast. The more texture is delicate, the less fascia will occur, allowing patients haven’t worried to massage for fascia disintegrating or making their chest softer and shaped. Besides, when the fascia causes their breast to become stiff, it also affects to shape slower or move into the chest part slowly because implant is tightened by fascia to stop moving.

Implant Shapes

There are two forms of implant, Round Breast Implant and Teardrop Breast Implant. The round one is very proper for patients who have less breast tissue. If you get insertion with this technique, your breast size wouldn’t get the Capsular Contracture or be sagging. This implant will help pushed their shape and remain the beautiful and natural profile. Teardrop implant is unappropriated for patient with flabby chest or less skin because after surgery, their new breast will look too flabby. This technique, hence, is proper for patients with none breast tissue and small or thin body shape.

Round Breast Implant: it’s more natural than Teardrop Breast Implant and so flexible because the internal Cohesive Gel remains its shape better than Teardrop Breast technique properly with patients who need to have the round breast and fill the upper breast.

Teardrop Breast Implant: this implant is suitable for patients with less breast tissue in previous. It really causes unbeautiful for them when using the first technique because implant will appear as block, so the Teardrop technique is the right one to result more natural. This implant always be used on someone that requires to highlight each part as the lower breast.

Silicone Types

High Profile: is for patients with none breast tissue or less tissue, and result your breast to look firm as rejuvenated and not being Capsular Contracture.

Low Profile/Moderate: is not fit for patients with small base breast or small body, but suit for patients who would like to have none high profile and increase the size.

Ultra-High Profile: is for patients who would like to adjust their flabby breast in order to their size or breast feeding to lift the breast looking younger and fuller.

How to choose Implant?

  1. None breast tissue: you can have the Teardrop or Round Breast Implant technique, but the Round is recommended. Since Teardrop Breast Implant is possible to cause the flabby breast, patients can have Smooth or Texture Implant for revision. For patients with less breast tissue or requiring to have Armpit Revision, Dr. will advise to get the Texture Implant instead because in Armpit Revision technique, implant firstly may be higher in the position than usual or if patient gets the Smooth Implant, it may cause so fast the fascia and is harder for implant to get balanced and allow their breast to get slower soft. This problem can be solved when you choose to have High Profile or Moderate, but we would like to recommend you to have High Profile instead to operate the new Breast Augmentation lifting the previous breast tissue to look firmer. This technique will also help implant to not falling over its line.

  2. Less breast tissue and requiring to increase the breast size or lift profile: Round Breast Implant is recommended but not for Teardrop Breast Implant to prevent the flabby breast. Patients can have Smooth or Texture Implant with High Profile/ Moderate/ Ultra High Profile because they are not that different. To have the proper profile with you, Dr.’s advice is needed.

  3. Flabby chest and requiring to lift for full-breast: Round Breast Implant and High Profile with Smooth or Texture Implant is recommended because with much breast tissue couldn’t affect largely on fascia problem even faster or lower. Breast Augmentation is to lift more shape, but the main point is to choose the right technique. In case that not too flabby, Dr. can provide the silicone to lift up the breast tissue appropriately: not too small or big. If the breast is too flabby or little flabby, Implant Lifting technique might not help too much. This may need to have incision by removing some chest and skin out to lift it up. This technique, however, costs too high and might take the time recovery longer and markedly wound.

The factor of Implant choice is concluded as following:

  1. Choose Implant appropriately with body and shoulder high, thickness, and width, where Dr. will assist you to choose according to patient’s needs. At clinic, we have special instruments to measure the implant size for Breast Augmentation. Patient can inform surgeon whether which size you require: small, proper or bigger than body. All depends on person’s career and purpose of Breast Augmentation.

  2. Choose Implant Profiles between Round or Teardrop Breast Profile

  3. Choose Implants between Smooth or Texture Implant, which patients mostly take the Texture Implant because it can reduce more fascia problem (Fascia can cause the breast unsoften and unnatural

Breast Incision Position

There are three surgical areas, under chest, armpit, and around nipple. The popular area for Augmentation is armpit since it can shape the silicone to look more beautiful than other areas, but its wound will be hided under armpit crease, appearing less wound compared to other parts.

Breast Augmentation Position

The Breast Augmentation position includes two types: placing under and over breast muscles, which under muscle is not the surgeon’s favorite technique. Since it takes high knowledge, skills, and experiences on surgery. Placing implant under muscle is highly required to pass across blood vessel, nerve, and other organs rather than other technique. Breast Augmentation under muscle is extremely risky to cause much bleeding than usual. Thus, if Dr. doesn’t have any experience or skill, it may bleed too much. This is why patients should get the Drainage after surgery to help draining the blood. At Dr. Alex Clinic, we provide “Minimally Invasive Surgery technique with none Drainage” (See additional information) (Hyperlink to Article Minimally Invasive Surgery technique with none Drainage)

At Dr. Alex Clinic, Dr. will elect the technique by placing implant under muscle, which besides results as natural profile and prevents the flabby breast, its texture will also give you a natural touch feeling because it is covered by muscle layer. Placing under muscle can retard the fascia risk that going to tight your breast higher than the upper muscle technique. Both advantage and disadvantage by placing silicone consist of as following:

Breast Augmentation by Dr. Alex Clinic style includes as following:

  1. Check our patient’s personal information

  2. Choose the implant size appropriated with patient’s appearance by considering from their weight and height

  3. Choose the silicone profile, Round or Teardrop

  4. Choose the implant, Smooth or Texture which will recommend to have Texture Implant since it can decrease the fascia higher than Smooth Implant

In the surgical market, there are various implants to have. At Dr. Alex Clinic, we select the best implant which has certified and included the warranty. Implant included warranty will be more secure over time, including rupture and leakage of implant across usability.

In Clinic, we have 4 grades of breast implant for you, Euro, Allergen, Silimed, and Mentor. All grades are dissimilar in terms of rupture and leakage warranties across usability, which consist only Allergan and Mentor grades. After surgery with Dr. Alex Clinic, you will acquire the Serial Number of that chosen implant to ensure that you get the genuine implant.

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