The Rhinoplasty becomes far popular currently and can use many techniques between operation. The most popular technique is using Implant Silicone technique. In this technique, you can design your nasal shape how do you want it to be. However, other technique also starts extensive today such as rhinoplasty with rip grafting. There are lots of Implant Silicone and rhinoplasty with rip grafting techniques widely, but in this context, we would like to talk about only implant rhinoplasty. Implant actually includes multiple grades to choose; normally consisting of 3 grades as following:

  1. Korean
  2. Japanese
  3. American

In each clinic, they will divide or select the softness and quality of implant differently. At Dr. Alex Clinic, we’ve selected the best American implant grade which is very smooth like the natural nose, Korean grade which is least smooth, and Japanese grade that is an intermediate softness.

How to do the Barbie Line 

The implant is just a material part of Barbie Line technique which can help you to augment the nasal bridge and shave it as slope from your frontal crest. To get a great slope of nasal bridge it depends on the surgeon experiences and specialization on this field whether how much they can shave your nose to slope as Barbie Line.

The main importance as nasal bridge is Barbie Line which results as beautiful curl nose and soft teardrop shape: not too sharp or too hook-shaped. There are various techniques to get a naturally s-line nose. All depends on your latest nasal shape that reveals which part you require to get revision and these following are the nose tip shape technique:

Open Rhinoplasty: to revise a thick nasal tip

Alar Reduction: to revise a widen nasal tip

Septum Extension: to exceed the nasal width to have a higher corner

Ear Cartilage: to have a soft nasal tip as teardrop and prevent the preformation

Hawk Nose vs Long Nose vs S-Line Nose

In some case needs to require all these techniques and other case may use only one technique. For Asian nose, they mostly need to get implant along with Open Rhinoplasty technique and extend a nasal tip with Septum Extension technique as well as do a sweet nasal tip with Ear Cartilage technique. In case that you require to reduce the nasal alar, firstly you have to have the nasal alar which flares only beside.

To get a beautiful Barbie Line nose is not depended on just surgeon for 100 %, but it also includes your health care both before and after surgery. Since if you get the wound infection or inflammation, it will cause you the fibrosis and a distorted shape.

*Barbie Nose (Balance at Rhinoplasty Base In Elemental Nose Of Slope Edge)