Anti – Wrinkle Injections

Botulinum Toxic (Anti-Wrinkle Injections)

Botulinum Toxic is to transfer your facial profile to look so V-Shape, lift and duce the fine line. This technique can also shape your face more balanced as upper, mid, and lower parts. If you are operated by skilled surgeon, your face will result a shiny and healthy appearance.

What is Botulinum Toxin, and how does it work?

Botulinum Toxin is the purified protein extracted by nature, which creates bacteria as Clostridium Botulinum: in inefficient canned food and rotten the bucked bamboo shoots. After filling the Botulinum Toxin into muscle, neuron will not allow to release the neurotransmitter. If the muscle does slacken, but not pressing back, it causes the muscle to be paralysis which helps reduced the flabby parts on your face, for example, forehead, outer corner of eye, mid-eyebrow, and chin. Such technique can shape your face to look tapering, decrease the molar and cheek as well. See more information >>

After Botulinum Toxin, why is facial shape still the same?

This might warn you that you are on toxin resistance by Botulinum Toxin because in fact, Botulinum Toxin is a toxic for injecting into body. Human body naturally will create the Active Immunity to resist the toxic that might get into body. Therefore, if patient body is injected with low cost Botulinum Toxin wrapped by a thin covering or with incorrect method, their body will either resist this substance or the result is not effective. Though they require to get Botulinum Toxin by other brands, it not fully works or works nothing. Patients might need to remain recovery for a year to restore as the same or to get more efficient. So, to have the great result is to witness and select the standard Botulinum Toxin, experienced surgeon, and also always check the expire date of that substance before surgery.

In the Medical Market, there are various Toxin agents, but to be used in surgical industry is the Toxin Type A, which is a standard grade and most clinics like to use. So, what is the differences of each type? Why does it cost differently? And, why do I have to choose based on brands?

Allergan is only an American brand in surgical market which in research has certified that all molecules covered Botulinum Toxin Type A are the largest and similar. But what is the biggest and similar Molecule?

The large molecule will include thicker Botulinum Toxin covering than small molecule meant which when injecting this Toxin into body, it can’t find such substance and create the immunity on Toxin harder than small molecule. In surgical market, there is only one brand that includes the largest and even molecule, The Allergen. For other brands are several sizes, both large and small unequal.

The disadvantage of this small molecule is besides of having easier Botulinum Toxin, the other smaller or too small molecule might activate in some part that you don’t require to. This is in order to molecule move as soft and small size, for example, the ptosis problem.

Botulinum Toxin Caution

Dr. will take the proper amount of the toxin because in Botulinum Toxin, surgeon would like to consider the patient safety. If surgeon provides less amount, it possibly causes the distort face or allows the facial muscle to look temporary paralysis until such substance will be gone after 4-6 months. Botulinum Toxin selecting is also the most importance step since today, there are many fakes in the market as sale on the website or getting purchase Botulinum Toxin in lower cost. When your get this faked Botulinum Toxin, it would cause unsafe for your body.

How to check the genuine one?

            Do you know there are lots of firms selling the pirated Botulinum Toxin in the market, which looks alike American brand? Thus, to consider or inquire the establishment about this, you need to get one Botox Passport per bottle and sticker the number onto it to show the number of each use. Any firm selling genuine Botulinum Toxin will have these forms for their clients. It’s the new regulation that just informs last April.

Botulinum Toxin is no more about prices. Providing of your body can create easier the immunity or is acquired the low-cost Toxin with quietly thin molecule recovering, you are not likely to have a facial V-Shape or firm overtime. Since your body can create easily the Toxin resistance or may stop getting injection for over 2 years. This doesn’t mean that the result will be good as others who get the standard Botulinum Toxin in the first time. That’s why you better know all such details and carefully decide before having Botulinum Toxin.

Which clinic is better for Botulinum Toxin?

            Before deciding to have Botulinum Toxin, patients could select the clinic, where provides the standard products and also has been certified, and the experienced or skilled surgeons for you. Dr. Alex Clinic, we will evaluate and design the patient’s facial profile whether which part should have filler or Botulinum Toxin. Botulinum Toxin on each part will use the different unit to fill in dissimilar skin layers. Select trying the new experience with us at Dr. Alex Clinic and surgeons with over 10 years’ experience and skill in Botulinum Toxin technique.