What is hybrid breast augmentation?

Currently, there are many techniques and methods for breast augmentation. Today I will present a hybrid breast augmentation (Hybrid). Many people may have heard through their ears and eyes. That is a technique that involves bringing fat to help. But what is it and what is the process like? Today we have the answer.

What is hybrid breast augmentation?
Hybrid breast augmentation (HYBRID BREAST AUGMENTATION) is becoming more and more popular because it is the latest breast augmentation technique. The HYBRID breast augmentation is a combination of two types of breast augmentation techniques:

Breast augmentation with silicone

Breast fat injections (Fat Transfer)

With this hybrid will help fill and solve the chest problem perfectly Makes the breasts have a beautiful shape, close to the chest, full breasts without silicone borders. wavy chest Get the most natural touch and look like real breasts.
The reason why hybrid breast augmentation makes the breasts look as natural as possible is because if we add the breasts with silicone only. The breasts may look like a hard lump, look blocky, and the edges of the silicone can be clearly seen. and the chest is not close enough to be beautiful But the hybrid breast augmentation It will help the breasts to be more tender. make skin healthy and soft touch similar to our real breasts

Advantages of hybrid breast augmentation

  • Can increase the size of many breasts at once.
  • The breasts are shaped, looking firm and beautiful.
  • Full chest, close up, beautiful, V shape
  • The breasts are soft to the touch. not solid
  • Liposuction to reduce the proportion. fill the chest to make it more plump
  • Helps breasts that have been augmented with silicone before more beautiful
  • The chest will look and a more natural touch silicone supplementation alone
Who is hybrid breast augmentation suitable for?
  • People who had breast augmentation with silicone Want to make breasts more natural
  • person of small size but want bigger breasts If only silicone added will make it look unnatural
  • skinny person or have little breast meat
  • People with unequal chest sizes
  • People who want to augment their breasts naturally
Breast augmentation procedure with HYBRID technique
  • The surgeon will perform breast implants with implants for the patient.
  • Liposuction from the abdominal area upper arm or thigh By using a technique (Coleman) to extract and separate stem cells from fat.
  • Inject the fat that is sucked out into the breast at the fat layer by using the technique (Microfat). Fat cells have a high chance of survival. and last a long time Reduce the risk of cell loss Because the blood will be able to enter the cells completely.
  • The time it takes for the surgery to be 30 hours (depending on the individual)
  • Recovery time is about 5-7 days.
Where does the fat come from to fill the breasts?

Liposuction from all proportions with subcutaneous fat But only need to use the body-jet water-powered liposuction machine to suck it out! because if we use a heat-powered liposuction machine Fat cells are dead. Adding it doesn’t work.

The body-jet water-powered liposuction machine can dissolve fat in all proportions of the body. Whether it’s the abdomen, upper arms, thighs, calves and wattles, the doctor will decide which position to fill with fat. If the patient has too little fat at any point Your doctor may consider liposuction in more than one area.

What is the preparation before surgery?
  • Health check up for preparation before undergoing surgery
  • Stop taking aspirin and ibuprofen that can cause heavy bleeding 2 weeks before the surgery.
  • Refrain from taking vitamins, dietary supplements, diet pills, and herbs at least 1 week before the surgery.
  • Abstain from water and food at least 6-8 hours before the date of surgery.
  • Get enough sleep before the surgery.
  • Inform the doctor in detail about the history of injections, enhancements and decorations of all types.
  • Stop smoking at least 1 month before the surgery.
What are the guidelines that should be strictly followed after surgery?
  • after surgery The doctor will cover the wound with a waterproof sheet. no wound needed Will make an appointment to see the wound 7 days after the surgery. The wound is sutured using dissolving threads. No need to cut
  • Prepare a sport bra for post-surgery. It is recommended to use a model with a front hook. In the first month you will need to wear a sports bra for 24 hours, take it off only when taking a shower. And in the 2nd month onwards, wear only during the day until 6 months.
  • In the first 3 months after surgery Sleep on your back only. From the 4th month onwards, you can sleep on your side. The position that should not be sleeping is the prone position.
  • exercise brisk walking and light jogging Can be done 1 month after surgery. Normal running can be done 3 months after surgery. It is recommended to wear a sport bra during running.
  • Prohibited sports in the first 3 months are tennis, badminton, baseball, swimming, golf, volleyball, yoga, shoulder exercises such as push-ups, bar-hanging.