ulthera treatment


Ulthera’s working principle is to emit ultrasound waves that are specific. Which the waves will change to heat energy about 65 degrees by using the Ulthera head to send energy into the subcutaneous layer up to 3 levels deep:
  1. 5 mm. The epidermis (Epidermis) and the dermis (Dermis) will cause collagen to contract and rearrange in an orderly fashion.
  2. 0 mm. subcutaneous fat layer (Subcutaneous fat) will break down accumulated fat and stimulate the work of the circulatory system to work better.
  3. 5 mm. Upper Muscular Layer (SMAS)
    It will cause the tissue structure to be sutured in points with a distance of approximately 1 mm. The result is that the skin will gradually become firmer and more toned. The Ulthera treatment will not damage the skin above.
Who is ULTHERA suitable for?
  • People aged 30 and over should do this. But if it’s less than 30, you can do it infrequently.
  • People who want convenience and save time, who do not want surgery or surgery that takes a long time to recover.
  • People with sagging skin, wrinkles, and unclear facial contours have large pores
  • It can be treated on the face (forehead, outer corners, eyebrows, around the eyes, cheeks, corners of the mouth, frame of the face and under the chin), neck and décolleté.
Who is ULTHERA not for?
  • Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding
  • People with underlying medical conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, or other serious illnesses.
  • People who have wounds or are suffering from acne
Can ULTHERA do it multiple times? How often can this be done?

Those who have less sagging problems or are younger than 30 years old should do this once a year, and those who have problems with sagging or are very old should do 2-3 times a year (repeat every 6 months). Because the skin will gradually deteriorate over time. or may be able to perform other treatments simultaneously for more efficient results

Many people wonder if Ulthera treatment is for people who are starting to age or are experiencing a lot of sagging skin. especially those in the age of number three and up Most of the time, collagen production in the subcutaneous layer is reduced and deterioration occurs.

Because our skin has 3 main components:

1) Collagen (Collagen) is the main component in the skin layer. This will help the skin to be flexible and firm.

2) Elastin (Elastin) helps the skin to be flexible and able to stretch a lot.

3) Hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid) or HA helps to bind with water. to maintain moisture in the skin

Therefore, the older you get, the more you should do ulthera because the skin starts to become unhealthy. decreased collagen production causing sagging and deterioration Our skin, no matter how old we are, should be taken care of properly and properly. Ulthera is another option. that does not require surgery, does not require pain at all

How does uLTHERA take care of yourself?

Doing ULTHERA may be a novelty for many people who may have heard of it or some have never heard of it. For those who decide to do ALTHERA, of course, there must be doubts that And how to take care of it? both before and after Today we have an answer for you.

How long will the results after ULTHERA last?

After the treatment, the results will be about 20-30%. After 3 months, the results will be 100%.
by a single treatment Can remain in the condition for about 1-2 years, depending on the skin type and skin care of each person.

Taking care of yourself before doing ULTHERA

At least 1 week before receiving treatment, our skin should be prepared. อาทิเช่น

1.Should nourish the face and body with cream.

2.Should eat foods that help strengthen collagen to the skin, such as green leafy vegetables and red fruits. deep sea fish

3.You should exercise for 30-60 minutes a day to strengthen muscles and improve blood circulation.

4.Refrain from taking medications that make it easier to bleed.

5.no smoking

6.Avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol.


Taking care of yourself after ULTHERA

1.Should nourish the skin with products that are gentle on the skin.

2.You should wash your face with clean water the first night after the procedure.

3.Should choose cosmetic products that do not contain oil or substances that cause clogging on the face.

4.Drink about 1.5 liters of water a day instead of caffeine or alcohol.

5.Should add moisture to the skin, such as a skin mask with aloe vera or cucumber.

6.Avoid exfoliating whitening products such as fruit acids (AHA) and salicylic acid (BHA), as they can irritate the skin.

7.Avoid using topical acne medications.

8.avoid exposure to sunlight And should use products that protect the sun with an SPF of about 30-50.

9.Avoid exposure to pollution, dust or smoke.

10.Avoid activities that involve direct heat on the skin, such as a sauna, as the heat will cause it to worsen. The body becomes dehydrated and the blood becomes more viscous.

11.If there is redness or swelling of the skin Should gently touch the skin and refrain from massaging or rubbing the face first.

12.If there is pain in the skin Should take pain relievers or cold compresses with cold gels.

13.If you have dry skin Skin should be nourished with products that contain moisturizers. To add moisture to the skin on a regular basis.

Therefore, anyone who wants to do it should choose a standardized clinic. including equipment and medical professionals I saw this and wanted to do it. Because you don’t have to go into the operating room, look beautiful, finish in one day, and take good care of yourself before and after the procedure. for best results