The Laser Lounge

The Laser Lounge (Fractional Co2)

            The Laser Lounge is one of the skin treatments to balance your skin with Laser by lighting into the abnormal area accurately and removing each skin layer out.

Laser Lounge can be used to revise these following problems:

  1. Balance your skin tone: to balance the flabby part and sunburnt skin
  2. Keloid and the swollen scar: to revise scar looking better
  3. Abnormal Melanin or tattoo: for patients with unusual Melanin and tattoo removal
  4. Hair removal: to remove the hairy on body
  5. Vascular Tumor: for patient with Nevus Anemicus, Hemangioma or Kaposi Sarcoma
  6. Other treatments: to heal the warts caused by infection, skin lesion, skin cancer, acne, and Psoriasis

Fractional Co2 Laser is an effective technique. Dr. will laser into skin layer intermittently. The laser heat will gradually remove the layer out to refine the flabby line, scar, warts, and widen nasal pore, Seborrheic Keratosis, and skin cancer. During Co2 Laser, you may expect feel pain and mostly take time recovery for 2 weeks, allowing to solve Hyperpigmentation and Melasma Reduction problems.