Temporal Lift

What Is Swan Eye?

                Swan eye or temporal lift is one of the advanced techniques of double eyelid surgery by layering eye muscle to dimensionally acquire the sharper eye and gleaming eyelid like swan as well as not out of shape. This technique is very popular amount celebrities nowadays because it would show them eye charming, beautiful and outstanding face, and also reshape their facial physiognomy.

Temporal Eyelid Features

  1. Get long-incision surgery to create the natural crease
  2. No more ptosis, sad and unclear eye problems
  3. Lift the highly cheekbone to get younger
  4. Remove fat to decrease drooping eye and swollen eye problems

How to prepare before surgery?

  1. Since the operation used special anesthetic isn’t smelling, then you don’t need to fasting and shouldn’t have to eat too much because the operation takes an hour to sleeping, it might cause you the heartburn.
  2. Stop taking such Aspirin for 5-7 days since it may cause you the Bleeding tendency or abnormal heavier bleeding and stop having any herb before surgery
  3. Stop wearing make-up on surgery day, especially eye make-up
  4. Shampoo your hair cleanly since you might not be able to shampoo after the first day of surgery
  5. Manage your recovery time at least 3-5 days for short-incision surgery and 7-10 days of long-incision surgery
  6. After 1-2 weeks of surgery, your both eyes may be swelling, please do not wear any eye make-up until your wound will be fine, normally taking around 10-14 days.

How to take care after surgery?

  1. Take medicines as prescribed
  2. Sleep by raising your head up high than body for 2-3 days
  3. Use the cold pack which not too heavy on the first three day after surgery to reduce or relieve swollen and bruised that might possibly occur
  4. Always use the warm pack
  5. Avoid all eye activities in the first week after surgery such as reading, watching TV, using a computer, or wearing contact lens because it may cause your eye dry
  6. Wear sunglasses any time you going out to be protected by sunlight and wind
  7. Please avoid all activities affected the ocular tension within the first month after surgery such as whole sports, bending or carrying the heavy stuffs
  8. Do not drink alcohol and smoke after the first 2 weeks of surgery since it affects your wound to slowly heal
  9. Do not take any supplementary food after 2 weeks of surgery
  10. Do not apply any skincare as scar removal cream or any cream directly on the wound after 3 months of surgery


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