Ptosis Correction


Blepharoptosis: ptosis or in easy to understand is Lazy Eyelid. In this case, patient cannot open their eye widely as usual because their eyes always drowse like feeling sleepy. This is not because of droopy eyelid, but the ptosis that appears as an inborn, accident or after double eyelid surgery broke the eye muscle or caused some eye muscle to be unable to continue its system as before.

The ptosis signs method is to see the space between eyebrow to eye whether each part is wider than normal or far than another part or not. Asian Levator Muscle (As figure), normally, will be next to the eye surface and lower than European due to their gene. Most Asians have the single-eyelid or double-sided eyelid, and Europeans majorly have double high and clearer eyelid. Levator Muscle, so, will be adherent with eye surface and function as levator eyelid.



Ptosis occurs due to Levator Muscle transferred as tendon and caused it free from eye surface or not fully adherent on it or even less, affecting your eyes looking less energy to lift the eyelid. This can be solved by placing the new Levator Muscle position to get stronger.

Ptosis correction can help patients to open their eyes wider and more usual, depending on ease of each case. The bad news is in some case, there is a very ptosis person that cannot prove by surgery or can be possible but can stay only the short time for 1-3 years.


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