Open Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty is a technique which is for the thick nasal tip or for nasal tip that looking not big because of nasal alar. This technique will reduce its size at nasal tip to get thinner and shape it to look sharper and more beautiful which it operates along with Septum Extension technique. This technique will likely reduce more tilting than a Closing one because opening the middle nostril between left and right, the inserted silicone will be fit properly in the middle of nose.

To prevent the perforation or get a sweet nasal tip revision, it better needs to be fill by Ear Cartilage technique. The Open Rhinoplasty is just decreasing a thick nose to be smaller where it is the new technique version appropriately for patient with a thick nasal tip or requiring to reshape their nose to get shaped and sharp, yet remained softness as Barbie. However, our clients still inquire whether they can get surgery only by Open Rhinoplasty technique without Septum Extension or not, or whether getting only Septum Extension technique or Ear Cartilage technique or not.

After Open Rhinoplasty, do I need to get Septum Extension again?

The purpose of Open Rhinoplasty technique normally is to reduce the nasal tip tissue size. During surgery, a surgeon will open in the same part of cartilage at nasal tip. It can be possible if you would like to reduce only the thickness of nasal tip without setting the cartilage to extend the nasal tip, but you also need to accept result limitation of nasal shape revision by that surgeon. Septum Extension technique is to decorate your nasal tip to look shaped, sharp, and sorted with cartilage behind your ear as well as able to extend its tip to look beautiful and also paired with a sloped bridge. This technique will operate in terms of nasal beauty and stopped the Tip Tension: the long-term silicone tension. For Open Rhinoplasty is a must technique that at least you need to get for revising the nasal tip thickness problem.

Could it be possible to get either Septum Extension technique or Ear Cartilage technique?

You can get Septum Extension technique without paring with Open Rhinoplasty The surgeon will open the wound either single or double incisions based on surgeon discretion to set Ear Cartilage and extend only nasal tip. You can also choose Rhinoplasty technique by silicone or filling your nasal tip with Ear Cartilage without getting Septum Extension or Open Rhinoplasty technique. We will advise you to do these techniques just in case that you haven’t met the thickness problem. For a person with beautiful and natural long nose, you can get the implant Rhinoplasty and Ear Cartilage technique to reduce the perforation risks when you’ve done surgery for several times or to get a soft nasal tip as Barbie.

Which place is better for Alar Reduction?

To see whether you should get Alar Reduction or not in case that you have a flaring nasal tip is when your nasal alar is out of lateral in the inner corner eye line, it results that your nasal alar is widen too much than usual. You could consider to get Alar Reduction; see more additional Alar Reduction information >> For Open Rhinoplasty will aim you to decrease a thick nasal tip problem, but not for a widen or flaring nose.