Medial & Lateral Canthoplasty

Medial and Lateral Canthoplasty is the technique of eye shape changing of inner and outer corners of eyes where the skin is little removed with ladder stitch technique. The result will show your eye to look bigger and sweeter which sweet eye has known as Almond shape.

The observation of Medial and Lateral Canthoplasty necessity is to notice the inner sclera in both left and right that whether it contains a small area until both sides come close to the pupil or not, and to consider the surgery procedure to operate that area wider by skin remover technique, causing the beautiful eye as Almond Shape. This technique also depends on surgeon’s specialization. In each case, the skin content is removed dissimilarly and the ladder stitch is one of the techniques indicated the beauty of wound and Almond Shape eyes.


The Medial and Lateral Canthoplasty can be done along with double eyelid technique or possibly later. We don’t recommend to do either double eyelid or Medial and Lateral Canthoplasty because it will cause the strange shape appearance except when you have double eyelid and require to get your eye look bigger and sweeter.

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