Mammoplasty Fat Grafting

Microautologous Fat Graft Mammoplasty

As the girls charm, many might think of breast, symbolizing girl. No doubt, many girls require to have the beautiful breast with shaped, fuller, firm, and sexy as well as showing the confident appearance. This is why Breast Augmentation become a very popular technique nowadays, including Breast revision with Implant, Filler or Lipofilling.

Micro Fat Grafting is a technique which is sucking fat through other organ parts to fill into breast to look bigger and have a beautiful shape as natural.

Micro Fat Grafting Methods

  1. Select the right part for fat suction to inject into breast, which patients mostly choose from belly, thigh, and hip parts

  2. Properly evaluate the suction of fat content

  3. Extract that fat with standard blender to obtain the pure fat

  4. Inject the extracted fat into breast fat layer

Micro Fat Grafting is a secure technique which you dont need to get surgery, and feel unpainful like implant revision, no wound after surgery, and not taking long recovery. The breast surgery by Liposuction will result very natural and looking unblocked. It seems easier than implant revision which you dont need to worry about the fascia.

Fat for Breast Augmentation can be also utilized for Breast Implant cases. But filling implant edge to look natural and fuller, or having more breast tissue, patients mostly are looking skinny, slim, and tiny by using the big breast implant. Besides, it also consists of disadvantages: the injected implant will gradually melt and you may need to get filling again; or at the first time, Dr. might inject it with highly percentage, causing your breast shape look unstable and affect you to hardly dress. There is other disadvantage concerning to the implant transformation since the fat couldnt be massed as round or teardrop. It actually can increase the breast size, but not the beauty of shape. This technique is not appropriate for patients who select the breast lifting, but very proper for those whose own less breast tissue or none any.