MAFT GUN is a device used in fat grafting. Currently, facial fat grafting is very popular. in the group of people who want to have surgery And for Thai people, they don’t have to go close to Korea. Because there are doctors in Thailand who are skilled and specialized. How important and necessary is MAFT GUN for fat grafting use? Let’s see.

The advantage of MAFT Gun is that it helps to change the traditional fat injection to be easier to reach the sensitive point to be injected directly. This makes the fat that has been injected by MAFT GUN more effective. The fine molecules are ready to fulfill long-lasting results. Skin looks flexible, bright, natural.

The difference between conventional fat grafting and using a maft gun

          traditional fat grafting is injected through a conventional syringe. making it difficult to control the amount of fat Either fat molecule release or syringe control Which has developed to solve these problems with a fat injection technique through the maft gun is similar to a gun that is easy to control. release fat molecules that are more refined as well as being able to reach the point that needs to be filled better Even hard-to-reach and delicate spots such as under the eyes can be positioned as shallow depths up to 6 levels, and from the experimental results, it was found that the people who injected stem cell fat through the Maft gun technique had a higher rate of fat survival than injections. normal fat
Another advantage is that when the fat that is injected has a small molecule. The skin will be smoother. Stem cells that go with fat help regenerate tissues. make in addition to the skin that is filled It’s full and firm. It also shines naturally as well.

Fat injection using Maft gun. Does it hurt? How long does it take to recuperate?
It hurts a bit just when the anesthetic is injected and then I don’t feel it. But there may be a feeling of tightness. Some and after the injection, there may be a slight swelling and bruising, but will gradually disappear within 1 week. No need to go to the hospital. can resume normal life the next day.
How long does fat injection using Maft gun last??
Maft gun is an injection technique that can be used with normal fat grafting and stem cell fat grafting. It is classified as an accessory that makes fat injection easier and better results. But how long will it last or how long depends on the choice of fat injection of the patient himself. If choosing normal fat grafting using Maft gun technique, it may be less effective than stem cell fat grafting using Maft gun.
Fat injection using Maft gun, who is it suitable for??
  • Suitable for people with uneven foreheads and temples. which may make the face more dimensional Helps to solve the problem of wrinkles on the forehead Can inject more fat to make the forehead and temples more even. Makes the face look softer and younger.
  • Suitable for those who have problems under dark eyes, deep under eyes when we have dark and deep under eyes. will make the face look not bright like someone who doesn’t sleep enough Able to inject fat under the eyes to be shallower and look brighter, thus making the face look brighter.
  • Suitable for those who have cheeks to answer. Because the cheeks answer makes the face look older than age. cheeky Makes the face look too thin or those with clear cheekbones Able to inject fat to increase cheek fat to make the cheeks look more voluminous. The cheek grooves look shallower.
  • Suitable for those who want to have fuller lips. Solve the problem of thin mouth, small mouth. When the mouth is full, it makes the face look more dimensional. You can look like a virgin.
  • Suitable for people with short chin problems, dimpled chin, drooping chin, making the chin look unattractive. which can inject fat to enhance the chin to be full and can be longer look slimmer and longer
Therefore, the MAFT Gun is a very important and effective device for fat injection. both the accuracy and the distribution of fat Anyone who is interested in facial fat grafting should try to choose a clinic that is fully equipped and with quality techniques. with specialist doctors for good results