Excess fat can make your legs and arms bigger and also extend your tummy. You will be obese because of uncontrolled consumption. As a result of gaining weight, you will be lack of confidence. To have a good body, these problems can be solved by reducing excess fat through exercise, weight control or having healthy food, but you must have discipline and regularity. The fastest way to remove excess fat is using medical innovation, liposuction surgery.

Liposuction is an option for those who want to quickly reshape their body. It is safe for losing weight unlike taking weight loss medicine which is sold in the general market place. Many of the weight loss medicine are not certified by FDA, Food and Drug Administration, or are not verified the production standard. Hence, there are many people become sufferer because of it.

Nowadays, different liposuction techniques have been developed over the years. We, Dr.Alex Clinic, use BodyTite technique. It is the fat removal by using radio-frequency assisted liposuction technology or RFALTM to remove fat. RFALTM work swiftly. There is only little blood mixing in removed fat. After having Bodytite, you don’t need to get recovery and can go back home immediately. It helps contracting skin because the radio wave will stimulate the skin to produce collagen reinforcing the tightness. In case that the customer has a lot of excess fat, the liposuction may not help lifting up all suction area. Thereby, the customer has to do lifting up operation after liposuction has been finished.

Postoperative care after liposuction

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