Filler/Silicone Removal

Just in case that you’ve been filled by implant or filler for Augmentation Rhinoplasty, you can get revision by removing them out. If it is the non-permanent filler that melts itself, it would be easier to remove and possible to remain less than other kind of filler. Or, if it’s unmelted or permanent filler or implant, the removal couldn’t be done for 100%. The surgeon, however, will inform you that they are going to remove them as much as possible.

The differences between Filler and Implant

It would be good for you to consider that if you get operated with Implant, your nose will result the long-term effect as bigger and unshaped because that Implant is over of your lateral nasal bridge. In some case might be not that bad as leaking out to under eyelid which is hard for revision. Getting Filler or Implant injection will look beautiful at first time, including many advantages like taking less time of recovery, appear less swelling and fast shaped, but for the long-term result, the nasal shape will be distorted because injected Filler and Implant couldn’t be looking clot as before. This problem often occurs in case of Implant because some Fillers can melt itself and will appear not distorted shape too much.

The Filler and Implant Removal Precaution

        Filler or Implant Removal technique needs very skilled surgeon. Their skills aren’t depended only the Filler content or Implant they acquired but carefulness is also needed. When Dr. has removed across blood vessel or removes out the real natural nasal tissue, it will be highly possible to cause your nose rotten, necrosis, and gauzier until you must take a longer recovery for over 6 months to be ready for the next Rhinoplasty.