Fat Banking

In today’s beauty industry, surgery is very popular in terms of using fat for injections in the face. But the fat must be absorbed from the body and must be used immediately. Fat can’t last long. If stored normally Because the cells will die first, there is Fat Banking, the storage of fat cells.

Fat Banking is the storage of fat cells (VivaGRAFT by Cryoviva) with technology efficiently and can be used multiple times. It is a new, safer and longer-lasting alternative.
in the storage of fat cells because when liposuction Can be stored for up to 2 -10 years and can be injected continuously without needing to suck again. It hurts once, takes one time to recuperate, very convenient

Let’s look at the illustrations for better understanding.^^


It can be seen that having Fat banking is very useful. We can take full advantage of fat. The best quality and value with modern technology The sucked fat can be stored for subsequent use without having to hurt the sucker many times. And this technique is not all clinics that have fat injections, so choose a good and quality clinic. and select a specialist doctor