Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment

Vampire Lift

Vampire lift or Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP, is the technology that uses high biotechnology to draw blood from a patient, and then separate growth factor from the blood. The growth factor that is got during the process will be injected to the specified area to stimulate creating new skin cell.

If it is injected to the patient adding fat, it helps the fat setting faster, tighter and neat as a skin. The growth factor which is got from can moisten the fat and make it plumper. It means that the fat will strongly and extensively stick.

  • Vampire Lift or PRP remove the black or red mark from acne or spot
  • Moisten the skin and make pore and face firm and clear like healthy complexion
  • Total looks of the skin, the skin will look young because of collagen or injected growth factor

The work of PRP is similar to mesotherapy together with filler injection. Like filler injection, it adds the firmness of collagen in the skin, and, similar to mesotherapy, it helps skin brighter which is from the new skin creating than mesotherapy because the general mesotherapy is stabbing the outer skin. Therefore, medicine does not go deeply into the deeper skin to speed up your skin cell renewal rate. PRP is popular among actors and singers because PRP is safe, immediately show the result and extensively stick. It will not take long time and do not require recovering time.

Facial Treatment (Cells Booster)

Cells Booster is the injection to stimulate the collagen creating to brighten the face. The booster is included Hyaluronic acid and small molecular collagen imitating the collagen in our body to speed up new skin cell, to brighten up the skin, more shine, looking healthy. We offer you, our customers, as a package for customers who do not have the problem about fat on the face but the face does not look radiant.