Facial & Body Fat Collector

Facial and Body Fat Collector

Excess fat is the problem of people aged 20 up. It is because of fat increasing from eating, especially high calories food which is contained flour, sugar, fat etc. When the time passes, it could not be burned completely. As a result of unburned fat, your body becomes bigger. Your confidence will be decreased. Also, unburned fat will make you have a problem in particular area such as cheek, chin, brachium, thigh, abdomen, waist and hip.

Fat collector is to remove fat which is increased in the body following the gravity and age such as excess fat at the chin, cheek, and molar. When Asian people get old, most of them have a big profile after the movement of the fat in upper face which is going down to the below part. Because of the degenerated and unfirmed collagen, the skin is getting flabby.

Where can You Do Fat Collector?

  1. Flabby Eyelids
  2. Nasal Wing
  3. Check
  4. Chin
  5. Belly
  6. Brachium and Thigh
  7. Calve muscle

Who is not a candidate for Fat Collector?

  • Pregnant woman
  • Who has diabetes which is always injected insulin
  • Who has an abnormal brain vascular system disease like Stenosis and Cerebral embolism
  • Who has an blood disorder or cancer
  • Cardiopath who get multiple drugs

Anti-wrinkle Injections

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