FaceTite ™

FaceTite ™ is to dissolve fat on the face, adjust the face shape. Helps to solve the problem of double chin, tighten the face, solve the problem of sagging face, wide cheeks, and wattle in layers is another problem for those who want to have a beautiful face. Meda Clinic offers another option for those who want to correct a large face, double chin, face lifting. by breaking down fat in specific areas to solve these problems When it comes to decomposing Many people may be afraid that Hurts or makes large scars Currently, modern medicine makes the wound healing very small. just a small point just one point And this scar will heal on its own without leaving any scars. And in addition, there are few side effects. and patients rarely need to recuperate. Face Tite ™ is another innovation. to help make the face look slender smooth and firm skin Rejuvenate the skin to look younger, able to answer all the problems on the face.
go worry-free as well as being able to effectively eliminate unwanted fat on the face It can also adjust the physiognomy of the face, raise the eyebrows, pull the forehead, eye-tail, solve the problem of saggy skin. effectively

Areas on the face where Face tite ™ can be used to dissolve fat?

1.cheek groove
2.corner of mouth
3.cheek bulb
4.front frame
5.wattle under the chin


How does FaceTite ™ dissolve fat?

      FaceTite ™ Fat Burning Developed from Bodytite’s fat burning technique with Radio Frequency (RF) technology to lift and tighten the skin. in the eyes, face, neck and body parts In the area of ​​the fat layer that is thin and in the shallow layer by using a Handpiece that consists of External Electrode และ Internal Electrode The use of radio frequency energy Will cause heat between the two Electrode. The heat generated will help break down fat as well as stimulate the creation of collagen in the skin layer, making the skin firmer and more flexible, reducing wrinkles in different areas. Both deep and shallow wrinkles are effective in the tip.The internal electrode is blunt to prevent damage to the inner surface or cause side effects in the most commonly treated areas: Lower eyelid (bags under the eyes), Cheeks (cheeks), Nasolabial folds (cheek grooves), Upper lip (upper lip), Jaw line (jaws), and Forehead (forehead), in some cases the neck is fat. It can treat that area or the area. The body is a small area. Those with sagging that need to be lifted can also be done.*Face Tite ™ treatment has a very positive effect on the patient.
Because the patient can see the result of the treatment clearly. no need for surgery no wound No need to go to the hospital
The appearance of the head of the tool used to make Face tite ™ fat dissolution

Liposuction wattle and face frame + skin tightening FACETITE ™ How good is it???
  • Less pain – pain only lasts 1-2 days after surgery.
  • The wound is small – only 3 mm in size, with only one wound under the chin.
  • Short recovery time, fast recovery – recovery only 1-2 days, can continue working immediately.
  • natural results
  • The skin under the chin tightens. The skin is not wrinkled after liposuction.


How is faceTite ™ different from other liposuction?
     -It is liposuction in the wattle area by using a very small needle. causing a very small scar
     – Treatment is by injecting local anesthesia. So there is no danger from anesthesia.
     – fast recovery don’t have to stay long
    – Provides natural-looking treatment results Does not look like a surgical face

Who is faceTite ™ suitable for?

       – People aged 20-50 years old, the younger the better. Because there is a better tightening of the skin.
– Has a double chin (double chin), has a lot of cheeks, drooping cheeks, unclear face frame.
– Want to have a clearer jawline, making the face look more slender
– those with a limited time and want to see results quickly
– People who have been treated with other methods and have not been effective
the one who is afraid of getting hurt and does not want to use surgery