Eyelid Fat Injection

The sunken eye can be correct by injecting into the sunken part. This technique can be Filler or Microautologous Fat Injection, which specialization and cares are needed. Since at the socket eye includes lots of blood vessels as in lower eyelid, surgeon will know quite well about the proper eyelid content and layer. If you are injected too much, it may show you the bad result rather than good. Injecting by Filler on eyelid or socket part is not the popular technique and also not that recommended by surgeon. In this case, your fat would be safe when it is really not able to avoid.

Eyelid Fat Injection is one of your help choices to solve the variety of eye problems such as sunken eye or uneven eye in some case. Human naturally own the fat, but it may become lost due to their lifespan or is removed too much by double eyelid surgery, causing the sunken eye unshapely. In case of uneven eyelid injection, the surgeon will consider how to fill into both eyes to get the even eyelid or how to fill only one side to get evenly with one another. The sunken eye injection consists of technique similar to facial fat transfer technique like Liposuction spun the fat to separate its layer and fill them back into skin with special equipment. Sunken eye injection, however, merely use little fat depended on each case.

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