Ear Cartilage

Ear Cartilage is the small tissue from behind each ear which the diameter of tissue is around 1 cm and not too thick, so it can be applied on nasal tip by stitching with implant tip to get more beautiful and durable. The purposes of using Ear Cartilage are as following:

  • Reduce the tension of implant: implant is such an extraneous material within your body. Even it’s a productive material and help you just remain longer, it could be impossible to avoid the tension. When you get so much tension, it is possible for your nasal tip to get red and result the long-term perforation. Applied the implant tip with Ear Cartilage technique would aim greatly to protect the tension problem and is very appropriate for Rhinoplasty case that have been done many times by nasal tissue in the nasal tip will be thinner and very risky to get tenderness faster than other cases if it wouldn’t be applied by Ear Cartilage.

To a beautiful shape: as Ear Cartilage is a rounded shape and quite thick, so the tissue shape design and art setting would show your nasal tip look sweet and natural. Filling with Ear Cartilage in the nasal tip will result it not too sharp. When extending your nasal tip with Septum Extension technique and use only implant in some case, it will result to look unnatural sharp. Your nose will be firstly beautiful but not that safe in both durability and beauty overtime.

Could it be possible to get either Septum Extension technique or Ear Cartilage technique?

You can get the Septum Extension technique without using Open Rhinoplasty technique. The surgeon will open the wound either single or double incisions depended on surgeon discretion to be able to set your cartilage in nasal tip and extend it. You can also choose Rhinoplasty techniques whether by implant or fill the nose tip only with Ear Cartilage without pairing with Septum Extension or Open Rhinoplasty technique. We will advise you to do these techniques just in case that you haven’t met the nose tip thickness problem. For a person with beautiful and natural long nose, you can get the implant Rhinoplasty and Ear Cartilage technique to reduce the perforation risks when you’ve done a surgery for several times or to get a nasal tip as Barbie.