Dimple Surgery

“Your smile makes the world brighter”, smile can have with everyone whichever gender, whatever status, rich or poor, and any career. When someone is smiling to you, you will automatically smile them back. That’s no surprise why SMILE can make the would so bright. Besides the teeth and shaped lip to increase your smile charming, dimple is also a reason to have your smile looking charming.

Dimple is a small indentation on the cheek part. When smiling, it may occur any part of cheek or both, looking attractive. This dimple doesn’t show with everyone, some may have and others may not. This, so, appears the Dimple Surgery for them to response a person’s needs to have the pretty dimple on their cheek.

The Dimple Surgery includes the following procedures:

  1. Have a consulting with surgeon before surgery to evaluate the facial profile whether it’s associated with your face satisfaction or not.
  2. Inject Anesthetic into the dimple part by not taking any sleeping pill since you have to open your mouth.
  3. Stitch in the cheek bulge with cat catgut

Preparation care before Dimple Surgery

  1. Normally able to having meal before surgery
  2. Taking your face as cleaning as well as stop wearing makeup to keep clean
  3. Keep your teeth clean by brushing and gargling
  4. Stop taking Vitamin as Evening Primrose and Vitamin E
  5. Stop having food consisted of garlic, onion, or soybean to prevent an unusual bleeding
  6. Stop taking such medicine caused the Hemophilia such as NSAID and Aspirin
  7. Inform surgeon when you have the congenital disorder
  8. Stop smoking at least 2 weeks

Postoperative care after Dimple Surgery

The internal lip wound will be recovered within 1-2 weeks.

  1. Firstly, it might appear small indentation even you don’t smile, please use a plaster to cover at the dimple part. After 1-3 months, the fascia will be gone and appear the dimple only when smiling.
  2. The first day after surgery, you have to take only liquid food and for the second and third day should have the soft diet.
  3. Be careful about food during recovering time, possibly to avoid the spicy food.
  4. Avoid all wound affects because it may cause the inflammation and wound fissure.
  5. Always take medicines as prescribed
  6. Stop the facial massage or dimple, or moving cheek, and be careful on wound effects, which is the reason to have inflammation and fissure
  7. Keep your wound clean as gargling with prescribed gargle
  8. The Dimple Surgery typically includes the easy method and uncomplicated process. The main step is how to do the postoperative care correctly at the first time after surgery.