Chin Silicone Implant

Implant surgery

Chin augmentation is the new popular choice for those who feel self-conscious about the way you look, such as a misshapen face, not a V-shape face or the chin which is fit the features of face. To have a perfect face, chin is also important. Chin surgery is for those who have a short chin, small chin, receding chin or protruding chin. “If the chin changes, the shape of your face also changes.”

Dr.Alex clinic, our style of chin surgery, will start from face examination: choose the appropriate implant which fits the customer’s original bones. We use only the implant that is already standardized and certified only. The implant which is used in the surgery must have the quality check; it is able to implant in the body everlastingly; the implant should be certified that it is passed carcinogens examination and an accumulated toxicity in the long run. And, this qualified implant will not cause any danger to the patient in the future. It is called “Silicone Implant”.

The beautiful chin is the chin which its length is moderately long and a bit sticking out. There are many pros of chin implant surgery. For examples, we can sharpen the size of implant to fit our face as we sharpen the implant for nose augmentation. In addition, if it is the premium implant, the implant can be in the body forever long without any allergy or morbidity such as rash and membrane which will cause you distorted chin in the long term.