Breast Revision

The patients can elect to have Breast Revision, but it would cost quite high which includes the revision and new implant costs. There are many effects occur after surgery, for example, size transferring, breast was tightened by fascia, uneven breast, Capsular Contracture, showing implant out of breast, breast deformity, and the longterm breast pain. These problems are caused by implant revision on incorrect part or having implant with no standard or not certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and caring neglect after surgery.

In Breast Revision procedure, Dr. will use a new implant and remove the fascia tightened in your breast out as the main point. If Dr. remains that fascia of previous Revision, it will cause the new breast revision to appear rippling and blocked breast. One way to correct this problem is to use armpit incision technique and placing the implant under muscle. This technique will allow your breast to look natural shape, not closely with implant surface and less percentage to get fascia than over the muscle. The armpit incision will result not showing much wound and also prevent the implant preformation and inflammation risks.

Dr. Alex Clinic is very pleased to value your point decision on implant and surgical wound as well as other factors to elect the right implant texture, shape, and grade appropriately with yours. This, in order that, Dr. will also advise as patients needs.