Breast Reduction

Except of Breast Augmentation for increasing more sizes, in some case may include Breast reduction technique. Since breast issues of each person are totally different and can occur by many factors such as flabby breast and Breast Cancer.

Are these problems showing you the too big breast?

  1. Getting scratched wound on bra line area because of tightening or pressure from the highly heavy breast

  2. Muscle pain at the backside and neck

  3. Numbness around little finger, causing by breast weight resisted too much muscle until pressing the arm and hand nerve

Breast Reduction can be operated by removing the excess breast and then changing the chest position into the correct area, and decorating the skin and fat off to result the beautiful and shaped appearance, and lifting the flabby part to look firm and fuller. As result, this technique will take time recovery longer than usual and will show the marked wound, which may need to get laser to remove that scar.