Breast Lift

The Flabby Breast Look is the softly molten breast, not too tight and lack of plumpness differently from juvenile because of more ages, breast feeding, and losing weight even faster, allowing the skin cell and breast muscle become weakened, not healthy or firm as before. The flabby can also occur as Gravitational Force. The bigger breast you have, the higher flabby you get.

Breast Lift, so, is proper for those whose meet the above problems. Besides of Breast Lift incision, there is also the special tips for Breast Lift to Turning Youngas following:

  1. Select the suitable bra with body or breast size can help carried your breast size greatly and comfortable to wear.

  2. Exercise as chest muscle training to get healthy and firm

  3. Massage your chest correctly followed as each step

  4. Have Breast Lift surgery is also one of the popular techniques because its faster to do and more secured.

Dr. Alex Clinic, we have two types of Breast Lift:

  1. Breast Lift surgery can be done by removing the excess breast and changing chest position into the proper part, and trimming its skin and the fat off to get the beautiful breast and look shaped as adolescence as well as lifting the flabby part to look firmer and fuller.

  2. Breast Lift with implant includes the procedure similarly with Breast Lift by increasing chest size, but specified only Round Implant, which is appropriated with patients body.

Breast List surgery will result your breast to look firm and fuller and can increase any size to get the gorgeous profile and turning you to be young again with Breast Lift technique by Dr. Alex Clinic.