Liposuction with Bodytite ™, how good is it??

Nowadays, liposuction is a topic that people are interested in a lot, whether women or men. because the lifestyle in life must be adjusted according to the situation fewer people leaving home People who love eating more than exercising lazy to exercise When exercising, it’s difficult to lose weight. Tired As a result, the fat in the body starts to increase a lot. The decision to liposuction is an alternative to slimming down. remove excess fat but must choose a doctor and standardized and specialized clinics Wondering what Bodytite ™ liposuction is?


Many people are probably already familiar with the term Body jet ™, today we will get to know the word Body Tite ™.
Body Tite ™ is the latest innovation used in fat dissolution, liposuction and skin lifting. in one step At present, it is recognized by the medical community internationally that Body Tite ™ is the best innovation used in “liposuction” because in addition to dissolving fat with liposuction, Within the first treatment, it also helps tighten saggy skin texture without having to repeat the tightening course after liposuction.

With Body Tite ™ technology that uses RF (Radio Frequency) energy transmitted through a small 1-3 mm cannula, which is very small. does not cause large wounds When the tube is inserted into the fat layer, it will dissolve fat and Cellulite into water to “suck” excess fat through the suction tube, which will reduce the treatment process and reduce tissue injury from the tube insertion and can be liposuction. Can be released in large quantities in a single operation   In addition to helping to get rid of fat Radio frequency (RF) stimulates the production of collagen, contraction of muscles and thin tissues. in the skin, making the entire skin firmer not sagging ไม่It is orange skin and also makes the shape more proportional. The skin at the liposuction area is smooth and firm because in addition to being a gentle method There is also a head of heat waves to help tighten the upper skin in the body during liposuction with BodyTite ™.

Body Tite ™ can remove fat in a variety of areas including stomach, hips, buttocks, back, thighs, knees, upper arms, neck, chin, flanks and chest. etc. Select a solution. to be specific and to the point

Body Tite ™ is a liposuction that is really effective, clear, and also gives the maximum results in the treatment. There are much fewer problems and side effects that may occur during and after treatment. by after treatment Patients can return to recuperate at home. However, the duration of treatment is at the discretion of the physician.

Highlights of Fat Burning with BodyTite ™


    • RFAL TM technology can work fast. The absorbed fat contains very little blood. Compared to other technologies because it can Coagulation (stop bleeding while doing to reduce blood loss)
    • The fat that is damaged will quickly break down into oil. and is easily sucked out through a small tube
    • Stimulates Collagen in the subcutaneous layer, making the treated area firmer, smoother and tighter at the same time.
    • once see results Both dissolving the belly, arms, abdomen, thighs, hips and reduce cellulite. Solve orange peel problems and do not need to attend additional skin tightening courses
    • Solve the problem of liposuction in small areas such as neck, chin, cheeks, resulting in a slender, compact face.
    • no stitches required no need to cut Less swelling, faster recovery
    • After treatment, the patient does not need to rest on the floor. and able to perform normal activities
    • See results immediately after treatment.
    • มั่นใจ ปลอดภัย ได้มาตรฐานสากล พร้อมดุแลด้วยแพทย์ผู้เชี่ยวชาญ

Liposuction procedure with Bodytite™

  1. Take patients who want liposuction to Lab, X-ray of lungs and other diseases to prepare patients before treatment. If the patient is known to be in good health and ready for treatment, he or she will give treatment to the patient.
  2. Anesthetize the patient, which is safer than taking sleeping pills. and can absorb the fat from the body as much as possible And can remove fat at most 3-5 kilograms, but if there is a specialist doctor and anesthesiologist supervise, up to 16 kilograms at once
  3. It is necessary to have a specialist in the use of Body tite ™ liposuction and a team of specialized nurses to support and care for the device, especially in the use of Body tite ™ liposuction in the correct, clean and safe way for patients to receive. best feedback safest and see the best results
  4. Because Body tite ™ is a device that helps tighten the skin from the inside. If you feel that your skin is sagging from age or having children but not much fat This machine will insert a hand piece under the skin and release RFAL energy. The skin will shrink and tighten as usual. Therefore, for those who liposuction the amount of fat that comes out a lot. There is no need to worry about the skin that is not firm after the treatment.
  5. Because this machine is a machine that is designed to tighten the skin directly, especially the short hand piece and Body tite ™ machine, this machine can be used to do Face lift, lifting and tightening the sagging skin on the face as well, causing the skin to stimulate the production of 4-5 times more collagen, causing sagging skin with wrinkles. Deep grooves indicate an older age, returning to look smooth and firm as well.

Anyone who has plans to want to liposuction Body tite ™ is a very good choice. Study and choose a good and safe clinic. Experienced doctors and let our Dr. Alex be another good choice.