Belly Liposuction

Belly Liposuction

At Dr.Alex Clinic, we use radio-frequency assisted liposuction technology or RFALTM to remove fat and cellulite which is called “BodyTite”.

The advantages of BodyTite

  1. RFALTM works speedily.
  2. There is only little blood in the removed fat.
  3. The wound is very small. You do not have to worry.
  4. After having Bodytite, you don’t need to get recovery and can go back home immediately.
  5. It helps contracting skin because the radio wave will stimulate the skin to produce collagen.

The belly fat may be increased from many causes like weight gain or congenital disease. Normally, belly liposuction is riskier and more hazardous than another area because the operation area is close to another important internal organ. Moreover, if you’re having a lot of fat removed that have to have anesthesia for the operation and the surgeon team is not proficient, it would finally cause you death.

Belly operation area dividing into 2 areas:

  1. Front abdomen
  2. Abdomen beside torso

If you have a liposuction in both areas, it is called “Belly Liposuction”, and this type of liposuction will take more time to recover. After operating, you can go back home without recuperating. In the first 12 hours, it will commonly bleed on that wound.

Postoperative care after liposuction