Angel’s Eye


To get beautiful double eyelid is depend on what technique or procedure you’d like to. Angel’s EyeTM is the permanent double eyelids process by not leaving any scar, such technique using a very small laser spot removal pen and suturing with little Japanese silk, providing less swollen and hardly not to recuperate. These techniques would make your eyelashes become flexier, sweet appearance and so unique. It is just technical explanation and its procedures but in fact, what makes our Angel’s EyeTM look unique is its result giving more charming. When looking into your eyes, there is some powerful-strength out of your Angel’s EyeTM eyes and able to attract all eyes starring on you, that’s why this has been called “The Emotional Upper Eyelid Surgery”.


If these problems below are related to you more than two, which meant you need to consider yourself to get double eyelid treatment before the ptosis problem causing you in the near future or your latest eye diseases occurring harder. You thus require to spend lots of money for treatment and need extra recoveries:

  • Got faint line after wearing eye liner
  • Uncomfortable to use double eyelid tape
  • Fake eyelash is not completely fir on your eye
  • Less visibility and eye use
  • Both eyeliner and mascara messing up your day
  • Swollen and sleepy eye look in the morning
  • Eyelash poking into your eye and curling your eyelash unshapely
  • Got teasing by favorite word “Is your eye open now?”
  • Always use double sticker tapes
If you experience more than two things,

let’s get to know more about Angel’s EyeTm.

Angel’s EyeTM (The Emotional Upper Eyelid Surgery) is very popular among net idol groups and the new generation. As their current lifestyle has changed, so surgery is typically not a big deal and less recovered surgery is highly popular nowadays. Eyelid surgery is also such the first rank of technique, but to result greatly at the first time of operation is not that easy. You have to know reasonably about information and need to choose an experienced doctor. Those who still consider where they should go for double eyelid surgery or try to find the reliable plastic surgery clinics, here Dr. Alex Clinic can be one of your choice.
You can count on us because it’s what we are good at. Dr. Alex Clinic found that beautiful eyes not include only double eyelids result, but also feeling that’s far attractive and able to express your emotions and reflect who you really are through eye contacts. This is where “Eye is the window of your heart” comes from, favorable sentence for people to use across time. So, what is Angle’s EyeTM? How many types are there? By Dr. Alex Clinic, we have designed two Angel’s EyeTM double eyelid types, which each type is created dissimilar depended on a person’s personality and lifestyle.

Posh Angel’s Eye™

Posh Angel’s EyeTM is a sweet double eyelid technique, great appropriated by individuals who require to be sweeter, luxurious, glamorous, and high class. As this technique, we will not operate too much deep and high, conversely, will highlight your eye to be shaper, sweet and charming appearances. When looking into your eye, you can feel that you are so gentle, innocent, and fascinating like baby eyes but remained natural. For posh eye, you can use whichever make-up and whatever looks to prove your appearance, especially by Everyday Look.

Hot Angel’s Eye™

Hot Angel’s EyeTM is a seductively sexy double eyelid technique, appropriated by individuals who require to get sharp and cat eyes as western girl. This technique, we will operate your eyelid sharper and shaper, but not too deep or higher to get much more aging look. This Hot Eyelid technique isn’t a super high crease and deep incision which still allow you to have seductive natural makeup and bare face. It, however, is the western double eyelid, which you can wear make-up for a natural look and big eye make-up but not sweet as posh technique.

Which technique is better?

Posh and Hot techniques will operate differently depended on patient. Everyone can check its basic technique how doing double eyelid at these following pictures. For the certain technique and price, you can come asking for further information at any our contact. Patient with single and double-sided eyelids basically will be provided the revision by short-incision and fat removal techniques and those with uneven eye problem or ptosis will be revised by additional eyelid repairing technique. For the sunken eye, fat remover is not the right technique of revision, we will instead use fat reposition or fat grafting instead, so your eye will be fuller, and patient with quite ptosis and hooded, may be considered to use long-incision and skin remover techniques.

The above picture is the techniques we use for revising eye defects. Providing Posh and Hot Angel’s EyeTM will depend on the Blepharoplasty procedures. As eyelids normally consist of 2 shapes: Hot will be used Parallel Crease technique, beautiful eyelid as western girl, looking sharper like cat eye and shaper like European girls, and Posh Angel’s EyeTM will be used with the widely popular technique, Tepered Crease – the beautiful natural eyelid or known as the Korean eyelid or Asian natural eyelid. Some individual owns the restricted eye shapes, exceeding the eye length at both inner and outer canthus or known as Lateral or Medial Carthoplasty by removing the inner and outer skin out to gain more eye length. It is another great operation separated from double eyelid surgery, allowing all patients to choose along with double eyelid technique or possible to do later. Lateral and Medial Carthoplasty may be proper with individuals which their inner or outer eyelid gets into sclera or too close in the pupil. Since getting double eyelid surgery by not removing out the covered skin, the designed eyelid may not result expectedly as bigger and rounder. Thus, if you meet any of these problems, you can come to get remove your excess skin to shape your eye lengthen, bigger, and sweeter.

Which eye makes you look older?

Sweet and beautiful eyes are the proper eyelid surgery, by not making the crease too high or too low. For Posh Angel’s EyeTM is the Low Crease technique and Hot Angel’s EyeTM is Medium to High Crease technique. Eyes that looking aging or could not show bare face will be provided the double eyelid with Extra High Crease technique. Factors of double eyelid surgery that affect old-looking face are not because of using the too higher eyelid crease technique only, but also depended on total fat or the removed skin. If you remove too much skin, your orbit will look deeper, or when the excess skin is removed too much, it causes your lid opening and closing system unnaturally. In some cases, their eyes could not even close properly, causing the problem that could not use surgical solved easily, while the total fat is removed too much resulted their orbit look deep, we will use Blepharoplasty Microautologous Fat Grafting technique to revise the problem.

None like Angel’s EyeTM?

Why do most of people like and love the Angel’s EyeTM? Since getting double eyelid surgery or designing eyelids to be charmer and look powerful are not because you have double eyelids, but it is related to its art, design, and technique, integrating divisibly to become Hot and Post Angel’s EyeTM included many factors as following:
  • Eyelid height design: the really small eyelid will show the natural eye, you cannot even figure the differences that you have done surgery. The thick or widely high eyelids will cause you look older than your age, so you always need to make-up and unable to show your bare face. The sweet eyelid (Angel’s Eye), so, is better not too small and deep as well as high.
  • Measurement and design of eyelash flex: whether your eyelids getting sweet or not, all depends on the flexing eyelid design, its flex should go appropriate: beautifully flexing as natural, not too flex like drowsy eyelash or too wide to see your upper eye socket, looking unnatural after make-up or wearing Mascara.
  • Eyelid length design: sweet eye must get the appropriate eye length, which meant inner and outer eyelid should not cover too much the sclera. The actual beautiful and sweet eye will show the Almond Shape feature. To operate Almond Shape feature as Hot or Posh Angel’s EyeTM can use Lateral or Medial Cathoplasty technique.
  • Eyelid crease design: besides eyelid length design, eyelid crease is also as necessary as needed. There are only two forms of eyelid crease surgeries: Tepered and Parallel. Both designs provide the different types of eye’s sweetness. The Tepered technique is creasing inner eye closed to eyelid and then bending it to outer eye, or Low Crease technique, resulting the sweet eyelid and looking natural similar to Posh Angel’s EyeTM. While Parallel technique is to crease inner eye little bit onto above eye line (Because the eyelid height can be adjusted on what patient’s needs as how much high, but it cannot be too thick, causing your feature look aged), or Medium to High Crease technique. This procedure will provide your eye look sharp and so big as same as European eyelid like Hot Angel’s EyeTM.
  • Technique of eyelid crease design: to have right eye style that fit your look is to choose the right technique of eyelid revision, for example, if any patient gets the ptosis, they should revise double eyelid with long-incision technique instead of using short-incision. For some case, may use that technique along with skin remover, and the uneven eyelid or ptosis cases will get revised and designed by using short-incision technique along with eyelid repair surgery.

Case Example

Double Eyelid Methods of Short and Long Incisions
The process starts injecting anesthetics onto upper eyelid and determining eye shape, creasing by laser around 8 to 9 mm, and suturing the inner and outer eyelid by small size of silk. For long-incision technique, its wound is around 1 to 2 cm.


    • Removing fat to get inner eyelid
    • Grafting fat caused eye fuller and inner eyelid
    • Hiding the inner eye muscle to prove ptosis and uneven problems and to create the inner eyelid
    • Use MAFT-Gun Injecting fat into eye; belly fat is very appropriate with sunken eye

    Surgery Detail

    • Use the standard instrument to not leave any wound contusion and less swelling
    • Operation period is 20-30 minutes for short-incision and 45 minutes to 1 hour for long-incision
    • Stitch off after 5 days of short-incision and 7 days of long-incision
    • Follow up the short-incision result for 5 days/14 days/1 month/2 months/3 months and long-incision for 7 days/14 days/1 month/2 months/3 months
    • Spend 3-5 days recovery for short-incision and 10-14 days for long-incision

    You may curious whether which double eyelid crease or three-point sutures are better?

    Double eyelid surgery as laser and 3-point corner stitch techniques probably not take that different on both operation and recovery times. Permanent double eyelid surgery or crease surgery by the laser can heal entire eye problems; 3-point corner stitch is unable to remove fat and heal the sunken eye, ptosis, low outer corner eye, Myasthenia Gravis, and uneven eyelid points. After 3-6 months of 3-point corner stitch surgery, your eyelid will result lower or not far different as before, which is temporary surgery. For Permanent double eyelid surgery or crease surgery by the laser can be over 20-30 years, its eyelid will shape as your age and natural sagging skin that you may consider to remove excessive skin tomorrow, yet your eyelid still.

    How to take care before and after surgery

    • Do not need to fasting
    • Stop taking such Aspirin for 5-7 days since it may cause you the Bleeding tendency or abnormal heavier bleeding and stop having any herb before surgery
    • Stop wearing make-up before surgery, especially eye makeup
    • Shampoo your hair cleanly since you might not be able to shampoo after the first day of surgery
    • Manage your recovery time at least 3-5 days for short-incision surgery and 7-10 days of long-incision surgery

    • Take medicines as prescribed all 7 days: take analgesic only when you feel pain and keep taking disinfectant and reparil until finished
    • Sleep by raising your head up high than a body and use neck pillow to reduce the swelling for 2-3 days after surgery
    • Usually use the cold pack during the first three days of surgery, around wound to reduce the swelling and pain and use warm pack at day 4 and 5 to reduce the hematoma
    • Do not clean directly on the wound because it may bleed in 1-2 day, you first need to leave it until stitched them off
    • Wearing sunglasses any time you going out to be protected by sunlight in first 2-3 weeks after surgery
    • Possibly avoid all about eye activities in the first week after surgery: reading, watching TV, using a computer, or wearing contact lens because it may cause your eye dry
    • Do not let your wound get wet for the first 7-10 days and wash your face with cotton pads
    • Avoid all activities affected the ocular tension within the first month after surgery: whole sports, bending or carrying the heavy stuffs
    • Do not drink alcohol and smoke after the first 2 weeks of surgery since it may affect your wound to slowly heal
    • Do not take any supplementary food after 2 weeks of surgery
    • Do not apply skincare as scar removal cream or any cream directly on the wound after 6 months of surgery
    • Decrease the protein foods like chicken, eggs, pickled foods, and seafood for 7-14 days
    • Do not touch or mess up your wound: if you feel itchy due to the small silk, it may fall your silk off and eyelid off