Alar Reduction

The Alar Reduction is one of the most remarkable technique, especially in case of changing the nose structure among Asians since most of them have a thickened and flaring nose tip. Though Alar Reduction currently is not necessary for many cases and also less popular because the medical care acquires the new technologies to help patient solving their thickened and big nose.

Patients themselves should comprehend clearly on their nasal form and structure. This following figure presents the differences of patients between thickened and flaring nose tips. For the thickened nose tip, they will be adapted the nasal structure with Open Rhinoplasty technique or reducing the nose tip tissue to be thinner ae well as extending the nose tip or known as Septum Extension technique. This will result your thickened nose tip to look thinner and your big nose tip to be smaller and shaper. If your nose tip is flaring as a figure, you need to see whether it is over your eye line or not. If it is over more than 0.5 cm, it should be considered to get Alar Reduction along with Open Rhinoplasty and Septum Extension techniques.

Those whose worry which place is the best for Alar Reduction or have no idea how many techniques there are. Dr. Alex has selected the latest technique updates created by us for our beloved patients as following:

  • Alar Reduction with outer stitch: for this technique, surgeon will stitch as reducing the nasal alar by moving into its inner and then stitching at the outer nasal line, which this can loss its natural and show marked wound. This technique takes less time to operation and recovery, and also help you to reduce the swelling.
  • Alar Reduction with internal stitch: this technique starts gradually popular, but it still needs more specialization by surgeons. Since the hided-stitch procedure must use the nasal alar rolling technique to not be narrow or more careful concerning to nostril shape that unnaturally. The advantage is it will possibly not show the wound and also look natural as you’ve never done before, but after operation, it takes much time for recovery and needs to take care of yourself longer.