Forehead Endoscopic Surgery

The forehead is considered the topmost organ of the face. It plays a very important role in the beauty of the perfect proportion of the perfect facial contour with dimension when matching the bridge of the nose and chin. Therefore, people who have problems with a flat forehead, not protruding. deep groove The brow bone is too high, and etc., which is a flaw. These resulted in people turning to more popular forehead augmentation. Originally, forehead augmentation was quite scary. Because there is a surgical incision that is about 5 centimeters long from the hairline to the middle of the head because the surgeon cannot see the tissues and nerves. For safety, it is necessary to keep the wound open for a long time. This surgery is an invisible surgery known as blind dissection.


In an era where medical advances are made, forehead augmentation is no longer a scary thing. With a new forehead augmentation using Forehead Endoscopic surgery technology is the introduction of a small camera to assist in the surgery. At present, laparoscopic techniques are popularly applied to aesthetics. prevalent among experienced physicians The endoscopic technique is a very safe technique. Compared to the old supplement Because like having eyes that can see 360 ​​degrees in space, people can’t see with the naked eye.

            A new frontal augmentation using Forehead Endoscopic surgery is a surgical procedure that opens a very small incision of 1 to 2 centimeters, allowing the surgeon to see the internal tissues or vital nerves. This reduces the risk that the tool goes.by such an important part to cause hemorrhagic congestion or numbness around the forehead It also allows the insertion of the silicone to be accurate in the desired position. in order to obtain satisfactory and safe results in the long term as well

Therefore, before deciding to have a forehead augmentation, you should do a thorough research or consult an experienced and reliable doctor to choose a standardized medical facility. for decision making